Your Go-To Guide to Selecting an AMC

It’s 2018 — does your financial institution have the most efficient appraisal process? 

Whether you handle appraisals in-house, contract seasonal management, or are looking to outsource your entire process, your bank or credit union could benefit from learning how a full-service AMC could improve the thoroughness and quality of your appraisals and reviews.


Here’s how this guide will help you ensure your appraisal process is as efficient as it can be: 

Uncover the most vital appraisal management services.

Learn what topics you need to ask a potential vendor — and how to get what your financial institution needs.

Stay up to date with the latest advancements in procurement technology.

The Guidance You Need

Struggling with how to improve your old appraisal process and not sure what you need? Through this guide, you’ll learn to identify what services are most important to your financial institutions, what kind of AMC is the right fit for your company, and how to save your bank or credit union valuable time and resources.

 “Selecting an AMC should be based on whether they supply the services you need, and how capable they are at growing with your needs as you change.”

Carl Streck, 

CEO at MountainSeed

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